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Laser Helmet For Hair Regrowth - 80 Laser Diodes | HairGox

NL-L300 / LM04

HairGox Helmet 80 laser diodes

HairGox For Healthier and Thicker Hair Growth

Growing back, those thinning and receding hair never got easier; with HairGox transformational hair growth 80 Laser device, you can grow fuller, healthier, and glossier looking hair, all from the comfort of your couch.

Our hair growth 80 Laser device are clinically proven to provide maximum care for your hair while growing it into the long, great looking hair you love.

Ditch those hair ties and caps in no time by starting your journey to rocking your beautiful natural hair in style. Your natural hair brings you more confidence. We all know how exhilarating it is to feel the wind blow through your natural hair; it is liberating at its best. HairGox laser devices can make that possible. 

Trusted by thousands of happy users, HairGox laser devices are right for you because it offers a wide selection for every individual, budget, and hair loss needs. HairGox is proudly restoring the hair and self-esteem of men and women of different backgrounds across the world.

HairGox helmets having 80 laser diodes respectively, are the best in the market, offering a maximum solution for your thinning and receding hair at very competitive prices. HairGox helmets are powerful, portable, and specially designed to be easy to use.

Parameters of HairGox 80 Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet

Model name NL-L300 / LM04
Intended use  Hair Regrowth and Repair Damaged Hair
Laser count 80 pcs
Wavelength 670nm
Laser Source Diode Laser
Timer 20  min
Power output 5V DC/1.5A
Operation temperature 60-95 F,RH 80%
Material ABS
Description Helmet
Package size


Warranty 1 +1 Years
Color Black
Usage Program 20 mins
Certification CE ROHS 
Battery Rechargeable,Lithium Ion
Power input 00-240V50Hz/60Hz
Weight less than 1.4KG

    Laser Hair Growth Treatment

    • The treatment of Hair loss and Thinning hair
    • Hair regrowth and repair Damaged hair
    • Improve the quality of the hair
    • Safe and Effective Treatment
    • Revitalizes damaged hair
    • Reverses the process of Hair Loss
    • Easy to use and no known side-effects


    How to use

    Wear for just 20 minutes 2-3 times/per week.

    It works for both men and women by providing laser therapy to the follicles on the scalp by treating hair loss and hair thinning at home without medication, surgery, or known side-effects. The HairGox technology is a German-based proprietary low-level laser therapy. It is safe, non-invasive, and effective in treating hair loss and regrowth.

    The process is painless, carries no side effects, and eliminates the need for expensive clinics, surgeries, and drugs. Our devices improve blood circulation to your follicles, and they are applicable for all skin types.

    Hair Regrowth Helmet 80 Laser Diodes

    Every day doesn't have to be a Bad hair day before now, growing back your hair used to be very expensive, excruciating, and time-consuming, but not anymore.

    HairGox has become the breakthrough of hair growth science; made with low-level light therapy (LLLT), our devices are easy to use, affordable, accessible, and is the surest solution to those countless in-clinic hair therapy sessions.


    Backed by years of clinical testing and retesting, our FDA approved hair growth treatment for both men and women have proven to be the effective one-stop solution for your hair loss. HairGox devices are super safe, and it makes laser hair loss treatment available to you while you watch your favorite TV show from the comfort of your home.

    Doctors recommend HairGox devices to treat Androgenetic alopecia which includes Hereditary Hair Loss, Female and Male pattern hair loss, menopause related hair loss, post-partum hair loss, , age related thinning and hair loss. HairGox can also be used after hair transplantation.

    Laser light therapy stimulate your unhealthy hair follicle with light energy and increase the cell metabolism to help restore the follicle back to health … a process similar to watering plants, and just like plants absorb water and nutrients, your hair follicles absorb these light energy to promote continuous hair growth.


    HairGox laser light therapy is FDA cleared and clinically proven to treat hair loss and re-grow thicker and healthier hair.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    It really works!

    I've been using this for three months every other day and it's really growing back my hair.
    I was using Minoxidil before but decided to stop using it, with in a month or two my hair started falling out like crazy. Typical crown and front thinning.
    It's all filling in and not falling out.
    I'm really happy with the results in only three months of use.

    Thank you George for your feedback. We are happy to hear from you again!

    Mel Reed
    Actually works

    My hair is thicker and that is a great thing for a man in his sixties.

    Use it for 6 months before you judge it

    I used the hairgox helmet every other day for 6 months. The hair in the corners if my forehead was starting to thin and receed . I started using testosterone at the time so I was worried it would all disappear. The recession has stopped and Hair has grown back and thickened up where it was sparce. I no longer obsess or give it a second thought when I look in the mirrors. . I have not used any other product so I don't know what else I can attribute the hair growth to. If your skin is shiny and completely hairless It probably wont work for you but if you can see your scalp but have some hair give it a try. It Worked for me.

    David K
    Very pleased

    After six months of using this helmet as directed, I see good regrowth in some areas

    Rob Swanson
    Working so far.

    I have been using the system for 2 months and have noticed some overall improvement. Enough to say its working as it advertised. However, I will add that I'm much happier with this than the minoxidil or rogaine treatments that I've used in the past. I have taken my "before" picture but haven't been great at documenting progress so I'll return with the update after 6 months. I'm guessing with my hairloss that I'll have to go a full year to be satisfied and am more curious if LLT reaches the fruition for its benefit after only 6 months or will it continue to improve at the same rate after 6 months