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Is The Laser Hair Treatment Suitable For You? | HairGox

Am I a Candidate?

Who Is The Laser Hair Treatment Most Suitable For?
Our laser technology for hair growth works for males and females alike. However, results may vary, and there are also a few exceptions. This page helps you to determine the category you belong to and what to expect from your laser hair treatment with HairGox.

What To Know Before You Consider Yourself A Candidate
Low-Level Laser Therapy has no side effects. Up to 70% of men and 40% of women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. DHT blocks blood flow from reaching your follicle, leading to its loss of function. Laser treatment will work if your follicle is still alive.
Laser treatment does not work for entirely bald spots because the procedure only stimulates your hair follicles to grow. Thus, without follicles, you might not see any results.
Skin complexion and nature of hair might affect results.
    Who Is The Perfect Candidate For Laser Treatment?
    If you are just beginning to lose your hair. In other words, results are best when you are in the early stages of hair loss. So, if you notice more hair falling off while combing, it might be time to consider laser technology.
    Surprisingly, laser treatment works excellently for all forms of scalp psoriasis. It contributes to scalp healing and subsequent stimulation of hair growth. 
    If you have had hair replacement surgery, laser treatment helps to prevent further hair loss.  
      Bottom Line
      The best candidate is someone with mild to moderate thinning in the early years of hair loss. Follicles must still show signs of life for the treatment to be effective. The treatment is also favourable to men and women losing hair at the sides and back. Also, those with lighter skin and darker hair are the best candidates for laser hair treatment. 
      You might decide to do a small patch test before committing to a larger area. Remember that results take weeks or months to show. Kindly reach out to HairGox for all enquiries about your hair regrowth. We have the latest technology to oversee your journey back to beautiful and full hair.