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FAQs - FDA Approved Hair Loss Treatment | HairGox



 A: From laser light density to battery quality and device portability, the HairGox helmet gives a greater output that results in your hair growing faster, thicker, and glossier than it would with any other product out there.

 A:  The HairGox laser devices have been designed for comfort and convenience. They are lightweight and have different prices to fit every individual budget. Each device is to be used 2-4 times weekly to achieve results. All our hair growth devices emit the same laser light energy but differ in treatment periods depending on the type and model. The more lasers diodes, the faster the treatment time.

Note: You'll find a variety of devices currently on the market claim to have laser therapy to help grow the hair. Unfortunately, they use bad quality diodes or don’t give the right dose to stimulate the hair follicles due to low quality control.

 A:  The FDA “approves” drugs and  “clears” medical devices. If the FDA has determined a medical device to be substantially safe and equivalent to another similarly marketed device, it will be cleared. Data is needed to back all claims. This includes the descriptive, performance and safety data to support the submission. If the technology is new, the FDA requires clinical trial results to prove safety and efficacy. The clinical trial results, along with the filings, helped in FDA Clearing HairGox devices.

 A:  Treatment with HairGox laser devices is on an indefinite basis to continue to see positive benefits. However, once you are satisfied with your hair growth results, you can gradually reduce treatment time to two times weekly, but if by any chance you experience shedding, you will have to return to the 3-4 times a week routine. It is not recommended that you stop using the device altogether, as that would mar the progress achieved.

 A:  HairGox laser devices are safe, gentle, and can be used with other hair growth products: creams, serums, and others.

 A: Yes, it is advisable to use the HairGox laser devices on damp or dry hair, and not soaking wet hair.

A: Our studies have shown that the HairGox laser devices are effective in both men and women who are 18 years or older and that how the devices work is not affected by age.

The devices are most effective for mild to moderate hair loss. It is not intended for people who have very severe hair loss. While the HairGox laser devices can reenergize dormant hair follicles, once the hair follicle is no longer functioning, it cannot be revitalized.

It's better to start hair treatment at the first sign of hair loss because the earlier you start, the better your results will be.

 A:  Many hair transplant surgeons advise the use of HairGox laser devices in conjunction with transplant surgery as they feel that the device helps speed up healing time and improve overall results. We recommend that if you wish to use HairGox devices after your surgery that you consult with your doctor for more information about it.

 A: No, but the HairGox laser devices should be used on a clean scalp so that the laser light reaches the scalp for optimal delivery to the follicles to get the best results.

 A:  Results vary depending on the degree of hair loss when you begin. Hair growth begins at the cellular level. After using the HairGox helmet as directed, the majority of users typically report visible changes in four to seven months. Hair becomes significantly thicker, fuller, and healthier in approximately seven months in most cases. Be sure to take a picture of your scalp when you begin and during the process, so that you can track your hair growth progress.

 A:  We can ship to most parts of the world. Applicable shipping rates will vary, and you check our shipping information for more details.

 A: Results might vary depending on the stage of hair loss you are. Hair growth begins at the cellular level. The majority of HairGox users report noticeable changes within a few weeks of treatment. Three months into use, you should notice visible changes, and your hair becomes fuller, thicker, and healthier by six months in most cases.  

 A: Yes. HairGox Helmets work for men and women equally. Both genders have reported having a sensational experience with HairGox hair loss remedies.

 A:  No. The process is pain-free and therapeutic. Discuss with your physician if you have any hypersensitivity.

 A:  Yes. Dermatologists and Medical doctors worldwide have recommended or prescribed LLLT for patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia over the years.

 A: Low-level laser light therapy promotes cellular respiration and keeps your hair in the growth phase for a longer period. HairGox laser devices penetrate the scalp to stimulate the uptake of oxygen, nutrients, and blood flow to make your hair grow.

 A:  Yes. Our warranty covers your HairGox helmets and other products for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty protects against factory defects and workmanship errors, which customers will rarely encounter. We have a supportive customer service department to attend to all your needs. 

 A: Low-level light therapy (LLLT) only works if you are not completely bald. In other words, your hair follicles must still be alive; if not, our devices might not be effective. Please check up the Norwood-Hamilton Scale (male) or Ludwig-Savin Scale (female) to ascertain your stage of hair loss. LLLT works for (IIa-V for men, I-II for women). Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly.

 A: No. We do not advise you to use our hair loss remedies every day because we do not want to overstimulate your hair follicles. This could be counterproductive. Thus, it is best to allow a day of rest in between treatments for the best results.

 A: We make use of clinical-grade laser diodes that have been tested at over 10,000 hours. Our devices do not burn out, and you can enjoy them for several years even with constant use. With proper care, our devices could last up to a decade.

 A: Shedding is a normal process in the hair cycle. However, it could be caused by a myriad of factors. Stress, diet, hormones, and seasons are common causes of shedding. It might also occur at the beginning of treatment, which is a good sign that your follicle is letting go of old hair for proper regeneration.

 A: As with all drugs and medical devices, please contact your personal physician for guidance.

 A: Yes. Our products are safe and easy to use at home, at the office, or while travelling. The laser devices come on when firmly placed on your head, and they do not have any known side effects.

 A: Do not stare at the devices. Staring for prolonged periods might cause some irritation to your eyes.

 A: No. The wavelengths our lasers use are safe and have no relationship with cancer. However, if you have skin cancer already, you should consult your physician.

 A: No. Our products do not give off heat, so they cannot burn you.